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Mechatronics - Discord Server

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let's turn up some bulbs sharing electronics and mechanics knowledge together work on projects tutorials and videos for newbies daily voice chats and chill out and ofc a lot more ... .. . animation$ vfx$ art$ painting$ music$ story$ Stop-Motion$ projects$ motion-capture$ cinema anime manga Kawaii Baka Otaku celebrity stars movies Counter Strike girls boys chill chat VC fashion makeup beauty cosmetics dressing trends girls$ boys$ chill$ chat$ VC$ interview$ League of Legends Apex Valorant music song sing karaoke dance fun nft 3d 2d art education tutorial drawing painting designing Photography picture image selfie instagram tiktok stream roblox online-games video-games play PUBG Minecraft Fortnite tutorials clothing garments technology language content creator streaming giveaway business roleplay support server programming community

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