Rating system Raising the server in the top occurs through the site on the server page or by writing a command /like every 4 hours. Likes are reset every month on the 1st (first) and 15th (fifteenth) at 00:00 GMT. This is done so that inactive servers go down the rating, and more active servers take their place.
Adding a Server The server is added exclusively by reference discordserver.info/add. All required fields are marked with a red asterisk in front of the field name. After pressing the button «Add Server» (if everything is correct), you will be redirected to the page discordserver.info/my, where you need to add a bot. Without adding a bot, your server will not appear in the list.
Bot information Bot name: DSMonitoring#0015 The bot is added only in discordserver.info/my , by a special link. After adding the server to monitoring, you will be prompted to add the bot to the server. Without adding a bot, you will not be included in the server list (your server will be disabled and hidden). If you accidentally deleted a bot, you can return it in the panel «My servers» pressing the red button «Add bot». All information, including the number of likes, will be saved. The bot has several commands, for this you need to write /help: - /like - like the server (available 1 every 4 hours); - /info - find out information about the server.
Boost There are 3 (three) types of boosts on our site: Boost S, Boost M and Boost L, as well as Color. After purchase, the boost is applied only to the server to which it was purchased. The purchase of a boost is made only on our website, on the server page (orange button «Buy boost») and / or by the link discordserver.info/boost Anyone can buy a boost for any server. To do this, go to the server page and click on the orange Buy Boost button. However on the page discordserver.info/boost only those servers are displayed that are already on our site and where you have administrator rights and / or you are the creator of the server. If you already have a boost, but it is lower than the one you want to buy (the order of the boosts goes according to their location), then after buying a more expensive boost, all other boosts (which were active) will be frozen until the end of the current (more expensive) boost ... The Color service works regardless of boosts.
badges Official — automatically issued to partner and verified discord servers. BOT — issued after specifying the bot in a special field, which is in adding or editing the server. NSFW — should be indicated by the server owners if the content on their server may seem obscene or offensive to some users. Paints the server name red on search pages. More details: discordserver.info/docs#nsfw Daily Server — every day is issued randomly, while giving +1 like. At the moment it is possible to see 2 (two) servers of the day due to the different languages of the site. When the badge is displayed, your server will also appear here: discordserver.info/daily-server Boost — issued after the purchase of a certain privilege (except for color) for the time that you specified in the payment. You can check the status of the boost on the tab of your server in the «Services» section.
NSFW NSFW (abbreviation of English words Not safe / suitable for work, which means unsafe / not suitable for work). Servers must be marked NSFW if they have: — The server's predisposition to pornographic and / or sexual nature. — The description and content of the server strongly promotes NSFW themes. — Images and icons that are clearly present in NSFW content and concepts. — The server contains a large number of channels and NSFW content. Please be aware that some content is prohibited from being posted on the Discord platform. Don't forget to read the Community Guidelines (discord.com/guidelines) and Terms of Service (discord.com/terms). Content that violates the Discord Platform Terms of Use must be reported to the Discord App Trust and Security. Letting us know about this will not help as we are not affiliated with it.
Short link Your server will be accessible via the short link mon.lv, which you specify when adding or editing a server. If you have a boost, you can put a direct redirect to your discord server. Only English text and numbers. 1 to 20 characters.
Issuance of Awards If you have a bot, you can implement the issuance of rewards for your users. Python: Github Javascript: Github (Thanks MrLivixx & vlfz)
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