License agreement

End User License Agreement for the DSMonitoring ProjectLast revision date: 13.03.2024.This version of the End User License Agreement for the DSMonitoring project comes into effect on 13.03.2024.Carefully read this agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement") regarding the use of the DSMonitoring project online platform in the Discord program (hereinafter referred to as "Platform"). If you do not agree with all the terms of this agreement, you are not entitled to use the services of this platform or gain access to the platform.This Agreement sets the terms under which you are granted a license to use the platform.1. Platform.DSMonitoring Project Account. To use the Platform, you need to register or have a registered account in the Discord program ("Account").You cannot transfer your rights and duties to use the Platform.License Limitations. The DSMonitoring project has the right to suspend or terminate your license to use the Platform or its parts, components, and/or individual functions in case you violate the license limitations set below, or support others in such violation. You agree under no circumstances to perform — fully or partially — the following actions:Transfer: attempts to sell any copies of the Platform or its components, or your rights to the Platform, issuing licenses or sublicenses, providing them for temporary use and rent, lending them, pledging them, and transferring them to third parties in any other way if not expressly permitted by this Agreement;Data Extraction: use of unauthorized procedure or software that intercepts, collects, reads, or otherwise 'extracts' information provided by the Platform. The DSMonitoring project reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to allow the use of certain third-party user interfaces.Causing Harm / Annoying Actions: behavior causing harm to other users or hindering the use of services and information of the DSMonitoring project, or creating any obstacles to the Platform's activities, including:Causing Harm or Aiding in Causing Harm to any computer and other device used to support the Platform.ANY ATTEMPT BY YOU TO HARM THE PLATFORM OR ITS NORMAL OPERATION CONSTITUTES A VIOLATION OF CIVIL AND CRIMINAL LAWS.Annoying Actions, 'malicious behavior', offensive behavior or statements, behavior aimed at creating unnecessary difficulties or obstacles for others in using the Platform and/or any other activity that violates the rules of this Agreement.Legislation Violation: using the Platform to violate applicable laws or regulatory acts.2. Changes.The DSMonitoring project may from time to time change or supplement this Agreement as its activities or legislation change. In such case, the DSMonitoring project will notify you of such changes by sending a special notification on the discord support server platform. If you do not express objections to the amended Agreement within one week after the respective notification, your use of the Platform will mean that you accept the amended Agreement. Through the respective notification, the DSMonitoring p...3. Duration.The term of this Agreement becomes effective from the moment of authorization on the site or adding the DSMonitoring#0015 bot to the server and remains in effect until its termination or replacement with a New Agreement, or if such events do not occur, throughout the duration of your use of the Platform. In case the DSMonitoring project decides to cease providing the Platform or to grant a license for providing the Platform to any third party, the DSMonitoring project undertakes to n...4. Privacy Policy.By using the functionality of the DSMonitoring project, you agree that we may use information about your account and server within our service.To ensure the proper operation of our service, we monitor messages, however, we do not store the content of user messages.All data remains the property of the account owner and Discord ( and can be deleted from our servers at any time. The site operates as a place for advertising Discord servers on the internet.Disclaimer of WarrantyYou agree that you use our DSMonitoring project at your own risk. We do not provide any warranties, but we strive to offer you the highest reliability and service level.Changes to the Privacy PolicyThe administration of the project reserves the right to update or change the Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. Periodically check this policy, especially before providing any information. The latest privacy policy was updated on the specified day. Your continued use of the Project after any changes or revisions to this Privacy Policy indicates your agreement with the terms of such revised Privacy Policy.FeedbackContact the administration of the DSMonitoring project if you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy. You can contact us by email at [email protected] or by writing to the support service.5. Terms of Use.The DSMonitoring project provides a public list of Discord servers for all visitors, giving the opportunity to join servers or add your own server. By authorizing on the site, you agree and accept the following terms.ContentYou understand and agree that you are solely responsible for the content on your server. The site and bot do not express any support for any content on servers and are not responsible for it.ServiceWe reserve the right to modify or discontinue the site's provided features without notice to the user upon detection of violations of rules and the rules written above in this agreement.Paid ServicesYou have the opportunity to use the paid services of our project, we do not provide any guarantees of the quality of provided services.The project reserves the right to change the price of services.Limitation of LiabilityThe project owner is not liable to you or any third parties for indirect, incidental, or other losses, including lost profits or data loss.AuthorizationUser's automatic authorization occurs after authorization on the site The user is automatically added to the DSMonitoring project support server list in the User's Discord.6. Return Policy.Services are considered rendered by the Performer and accepted by the Customer at the moment of the full provision of Services by the Performer after the successful payment of the order by the Customer.In case the Customer does not send an explanation for the refusal to accept the Services from the Performer within 1 (one) working day from the moment of acceptance of the Services by the Performer, the Parties have agreed to consider the Services of the Performer to be provided qualitatively, on time, and in full.In case of refusal of the Services by the Performer, the Customer is obliged to send an explanation for the refusal of the Services by the Performer to the Performer's email: [email protected].The Performer shall review it no later than 14 (fourteen) working days from the moment of receiving the explanation for the refusal of the Services by the Customer and notify the decision via email provided by the Customer in the explanation for the refusal of the Services by the Performer, indicated at the sender's address of the Customer.In case of acceptance of the explanation for the refusal of the Services by the Performer, the Performer undertakes to refund the funds to the Customer in the form of available donations equivalent to the paid money amount.The return of funds under this License Agreement is not provided if the Customer did not provide an explanation for the refusal of the Services by the Performer within the term specified by this License Agreement.In case of violation of the official Discord program rules, the DSMonitoring project administration has the right to refuse to provide services.List of rules and the Discord license agreement