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Cyber Warriors - Discord Server

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Cyber Warriors are exclusive NFTs made by professional artists with, unique musical accompaniment, completely handcrafted!!! Each character has its own story. My team has prepared for you an exciting story between good and evil, an endless war of atomic war survivors and cyber soldiers. On October 31st for Halloween, there will be a listing and start of presale of all the heroes from the first season. fireworksIn celebration of the holiday, I will be giving away 10 NTFs from the Halloween Special Collection. The pre-sale price will be 0.015–0.025 Ether, depending on the rarity of the character. The listing of the next nfts will be after the sale of 50 percent of listed ones

Handmade NFTs with original costumes and music Dont miss the presale. presale is only 20 percent of the listed tokens 1 extra giveaway for each 10 subscribers

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