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The Electronic Brothel | 18+ - Discord Server

Server Description

The Pimps invite you to the elegant and lascivious Brothel of discord. Join if you are 18+.

We have the following: ✨ A variety of NSFW and SFW channels for you to explore. ✨ Sleep on calls if you have troubles falling asleep. ✨ Dirty Voice calls if you are horny ✨ ERP Channels. ✨ Organized and Systematized Roles. ✨ Many fun emojis ✨ Server Boosters ✨ Lot of chill people to be friends with. ✨ Many fun bots to play with. ✨ Cheap and purchasable seller & advertisement rights.

Join and be dirty with us. We hope you last long :p (pun intended).

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