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🌺Splatoon Community ①➋⓷🌺 - Discord Server

Server Description

We are working hard to become a big Splatoon 3 Server, we are the first Discord Server based on Splatoon 3 and also on all other Splatoon games.

We are a friendly, not too active but also not dead community for Splatoon 1, 2 later also Splatoon 3. Here is what makes us special: 🌟Organise Customfests once a month 🌟Good organised Server without everyone or here pings 🌟 Nitro Giveaways and more nearly every month 🌟 Partner Server and advertising channel 🌟The 2 famous Inkopolis Lobby memes Nick27 and Sabine are on our Server. 🌟 Splatoon 3 ideas and opinions channel 🌟 Gear trading channel 🌟Channel for different languages 🌟 Special permission and roles for booster 🌟Our Server has 200 cute emojis and also cool animated emojis 🌟Nice self roles and requestable roles 🌟 Supportive Community without toxic people 🌟 Splatubers upload notification channel 🌟New modern and creative way of Server moderation 🌟Boost level 3 on our Server 🌟 Holiday mood and fun

📢 Customfest early morning vs late night from the 31st July to the 2dn August! 🌅 🌃

The Server was created on the 19th July 2020

Please join, you are welcome and have fun :)

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