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GamerTime™ - Discord Server

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Welcome to GamerTime™, a fun, chill, SFW place to hang out and play games. A work in progress server, and still small. Despite this, we still have fun bots, and awesome reaction roles! Come take a look, and see what games we got! While you are here, make sure to check out #📔﹝rules﹞, those are the most important thing in the server. It might look scary, but it's really not that much! : ) It's not required, but we recommend you pick your console, and games so you get access to chats specific to those games! Just head on over to #💿﹝roles﹞ : ) Again, it's optional, but you can select personal roles, to show off who you are on your profile! Personal roles are located in #💿﹝personal﹞ , right below #💿﹝roles﹞ : ) GamerTime™ - A chat for gamers!

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