NoMiCaT Official Server (BETA TEST) β€” Discord Server

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NoMiCaT Official Server (BETA TEST) β€” Discord Server

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In this server you can find: good and funny community 😁, good design πŸ”₯, 3 types of languages 🌐! (Русский, English, Espanol), not hard rules πŸ“‘, giveaway's πŸŽ‰, music bot's 🎢, private VC πŸ”Š, exclusive STATUS role's πŸ’­

In plans: NCbot πŸ€–, status in nick πŸ’­, currency πŸ’Ž, profile's with level πŸ›‘(special not standart system)

AND it's only BETA TEST. Server did really good without bugs.

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