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ID: 582208946077696023 | Owner: Random Kuudere#1141
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Zadkiel Rule - Discord Server

Server Description

Welcome to Zadkiel Rule home of Cerberus!

Our Server is known for:

+ The server is open for anyone!
+ A broad horizont on many things and quite open to new things and clever ideas.
+ The staff is nice and unique.
+ The server is based on a unique system of roles and staff roles.

Cerberus will spread all sorts of corruption in many ways such as:

- Single and multiplayer games!
- Jokes or facts!
- Notify who is streaming!
- Play music!
- Respond to certain thing you say.
- You can gain XP and roles!
- Buy roles with flowers or set up an item in a shop too!

So come join in on the fun of our Cerberus home server Zadkiel Rule!

Zadkiel Rule is a server that is home to Cerberus and Our staff and usersers shall support each other!
I the owner shall also take requests there to teach Cerberus something new or do other things with the server.

Want to join? then hop right in!

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