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Winter Solstice RP [Developing] - Discord Server

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You take a seat, put on your purchased helm and turn the device on. You close your eyes.. feeling yourself shifted. You see a simple woman in front of you and she smiles at you with cold green eyes before she begins to speak. "Hello, users! My name is Victoria. I'm an AI that is tasked with the joy of showing you the ropes and introducing you to our lovely creation.. WINTER SOLSTICE. I'm proud to introduce to you, first in America, a MMO virtual scenario based on the functions of a normal console, implemented with a great combat system, a unique homey feel to it. Now, you're probably wondering.. what's the catch? Well, there is no catch! That's the sole desire of the game. Your enjoyment! How exciting." The woman fades and you're thrown into the next step. //This is a VRMMO Roleplay styled after concepts like .HACK/SAO/MABINOGI and far more. Come check it out and help us develop it!

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