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ID: 347368462462615562 | Owner: Yamiru#1234
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Avalon community servers - Discord Server

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Hello players, We would like to introduce you our server comunity named Avaloncs. We are international comunity with Headquarters in central Europe. We run Minecraft servers but we also run other game servers NoMoreRoomInHell, Fistful of Frags, Smokin' Guns, Hurtworld,..

WEB: http://www.avaloncs.group/TS: ts3.avaloncs.group MC server: mc.avaloncs.group DS: https://discord.gg/nDuNTC6

We look forward to your visit and we hope that you'll be satisfied with our servers and our Admin Team. (Staff recruitment contact me on discord: Secret Sn0w#3682)

Best regards your Avaloncs team.

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