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piggie drainer — Discord Server

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🕷✮⋆˙ hey desperate pig, looking for a thick 5’1 virgin ebony to complete ruin your life and your wallets. sit and worship me as i laugh at your pathetic existence. once you join you no longer see human your just a dumb worthless pig who’s only use is to please and serve me. stop wasting my time by fucking reading and join. i’m getting impatient 🕷✮⋆˙ ✮₊⊹₊⋆ ☠︎︎ ⋆₊ ⊹✮ 🕷✮⋆˙i am 16 if you have a problem with that then don’t fucking join retard 🕷✮⋆˙ ✮₊⊹₊⋆ ☠︎︎ ⋆₊ ⊹✮ 🕷✮⋆˙ interest: long term subs, humiliation/degradation, feet, sissyfication, cages, body worship, mommy, aftercare (always) 🕷✮⋆˙ ✮₊⊹₊⋆ ☠︎︎ ⋆₊ ⊹✮ 🕷✮⋆˙ noninterest: calls (at the moment), broke people, race play, scat play🕷✮⋆˙ ✮₊⊹₊⋆ ☠︎︎ ⋆₊ ⊹✮ this is so fucking pathetic stop reading you already know what you want. 🕷✮⋆˙

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