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OKAYA | RolePlay — Discord Server

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Okaya Roleplay is a quite new, modern and fun slice of life roleplay server! There are yet not very many people, but I, as the owner, hope, that YOU will like the server and stay! Please, feel free to read more about our cozy town in the central-Japanese mountains!)

「👑」 - Experienced admins Our admins are experienced and nice, they know how to do their job! 「🏕️」 - Many locations On our server we have three roleplaying categories (Urban, suburban and housing areas) with many stylish channel-locations, and we will even add new ones if you will suggest that! 「😉」 - Easy rules We have only a couple of basic rules, nothing difficult! 「🎑」 - Many activities On the server we plan on adding many different interesting activities! 「🏳️‍🌈」 - LGBTQ+ friendly On our server there is no harassment of the LGBTQ+ community, join and chill, we dont hate anyone!

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