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Orthodox Christian Church — Discord Server

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(Orthodox server ☦️ on the server you can communicate with other Christians, exchange interests and culture) Education server. Greetings stranger. Among many religions and beliefs, do you want to find the true path to God and the salvation of your soul? Do you want to understand your meaning in life and your purpose? Do you want to understand where to start and what plan of action to have in order to find the saving truth? Welcome! The channel was created to tell people about the Meaning of life on Earth and the true Orthodox faith, which was given to us by the true Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation of all mankind; these two concepts are inseparable. Since you came here, it’s not in vain. And immediately you have a new question. Why is the Orthodox faith the true faith among many false paths? It is these questions that we will try to answer for you, citing various official Orthodox sources. The server will be educational for people who want to accept the Orthodox faith. And Orthodox Christians who want to better understand their faith.

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