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UAnalytics ┃USHI Analytics - Discord Server

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$USHI is a memcoin that unites all the bulls in the market and creates a bullish trend. It is the main token in the eco-system, a product that is an innovative research and analytics software in DeFi.

$USHI is a key to the unique analytics tool for crypto space. Our product is artificial intelligence that can train itself using historical data from thousands of crypto social media channels, CEX and DEX exchanges, news websites etc. On a high level, it works by analyzing a data and looking for patterns that it can draw conclusions from.

😈 In case you didn't know USHI is a Bull in Japanese 😈

💙 We have built an amazing #USHIFAM Community ☁️ 💙 We have reached 4 500 Holders 3️⃣ 💙 We touched 5,5M MarcetCap 🪙 💙 We were listed on Coinbase ©️ 💙 We were listed on CoinMarketCap Ⓜ️ 💙 We were listed on CoinGecko 🦎 💙 Binance posted a guide How To Buy $USHI 🔸 💙 posted a guide How To Buy $USHI 🪙 💙 We are verified on Zerion 🧩 💙 We are organically on DexTools Trending ❄️


✅ Based and Safu devs ✅ ✅ 100% LP locked for 1 year 🔐 ✅ No Prebuys, Presales, Team tokens etc 🚀 ✅ Fat Marketing Wallet 7% of Total Supply💸 ✅ Huge marketing lined up with the best influencers 📈 ✅ impressive $USHI reflections for HOLDERS 🧊 ✅ Max Buy & Max Wallet 1% 💰 ✅ Deflationary Mechanism 💰 ✅ Burned more than 7% of Total Supply 🔥 ✅ Fully Community Driven Token 🫶

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