Answers to frequently asked questions

You can like server every 4 hours. Thereby you increase your server in the top.
On the 1st and 15th of each month, all likes are automatically reset.

Thus, each server gets an opportunity to enter and gain a foothold in the TOP-1.
After adding the server to the monitoring, you will be asked to add a bot to the server. Without adding a bot, you will not be included in the list of servers (your server will be hidden).

If you accidentally delete a bot, you can return it in the "Dashboard" panel.

Discord Server bot has several commands that can be found by writing !help:
● !like - raise the server in the top (1 time in 4 hours);
● !info - find out information about the server;
● !position - check the server position.
The site DiscordServer.info is designed to promote discord servers. On the site, you can both advertise your servers and search for interesting anime, gaming, technology, music, role-play, fun, nsfw and other servers.

To use monitoring to promote your server, you must first add it on the add servers page.

We also offer nice bonuses that will make finding and advertising discord servers more enjoyable. One of these bonuses is rainbow awards.
(We will also have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Discord Nitro (gif-emotions) WITHOUT buying a Discord Nitro. But I did not tell you that: smiley :D)

And if you need help, our specialists will be happy to help you on our official support server or in a special section of the site.