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Adulting Sucks - Discord Server

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Safe fun space to escape adulting stresses for a few hours. Dating is cool but don't be creepy.

ₒ৹๐ ❥ Active community having genuine convos and laughs without spamming ₒ৹๐ ❥ LGBTQ+ friendly ₒ৹๐ ❥ Streaming friendly ₒ৹๐ ❥ Speaking of spam, we rarely use @everyone ₒ৹๐ ❥ No kink shaming ₒ৹๐ ❥ Movie nights, Gaming Nights, Alcohol Nights and more! ₒ৹๐ ❥ Active Voice Chats and No Mic chats! ₒ৹๐ ❥ Active SFW sections (Memes, Food, Recipes, Selfies and more!) ₒ৹๐ ❥ Monthly Giveaways

We hope to see you there and to grow with our Community

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