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ID: 906689672586084424 | Owner: Заскамленый Стич<3#2495
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🌺🌈Sakura🌈🌺 - Discord Server

Server Description

  1. Show empathy and tolerance for others both in communication and in play - everyone deserves understanding and respect. ┗ Warning (3 warnings = BAN).


[2.1] Toxic behavior - insults, aggression, provocation, threats, breeding conflict, drama, indecent behavior, harassment.

[2.2] Discrimination and hate speech - racism, nationalism, sexism, homophobia, ageism and other harassment on any basis.

[2.3] Condemnation and ridicule of other people's preferences, interests (games, films, etc.), someone else's choice, lifestyle.

[2.4] Uncoordinated advertising and propaganda of any nature, misleading and disseminating disinformation.

[2.5] Dissemination of personal data of participants in any form without their consent.

[2.6] Invalid profile - nickname, status, avatar, banner or profile description; incorrect room name; impersonating another person.

[2.7] Images of an erotic nature (of any kind - arts, etc.).

[2.8] Using cheats, exploits and any prohibited software in games and not only (1 warning, then - BAN).

[2.9] Excessive mentions of participants.

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