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ID: 764108224843612160 | Owner: ₴₳₥ɄⱤ₳ł#3093
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Game and AnimeServer(Mobile) - Discord Server

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Rules!!!!☢☣warning 1. Do not write in capswarningno_entry_signno_entry 2. Do not swear (not in voice, not in text) warningno_entry_signno_entry 3. Do not use bot commands warningno_entry_signno_entry 4. Do not offendwarningno_entry_signno_entry 5. Do not discard someone else's data (number, name etc.) warningno_entry_signno_entry 6. do not threaten life 7. do not hack a person 8. do not use videos with obscenities 9. do not spam or flood 10. do not repulse viruses ( apk files or sites) warningno_entry_signno_entry

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