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Nest of Horrors - Discord Server

Server Description

The Nest of Horrors Podcast is a short horror story telling podcast. Join us for gaming, movie nights, casting calls, and plenty more. The discord server welcomes anyone, we are here to form a community

If you're a voice actor looking to voice project we have regular casting calls for the podcast and other projects!

If you have your own project that needs talent this is a place for you, as we have many talented voice actors that would be more then happy to lend their voice!

Are you an artist looking to do some commission work? the podcast has custom artwork for each story and we have a commissions section where you can advertise yourself.

If you are a streamer or a youtuber we have channels you can advertise on!

Are you looking for art commission? there is already plenty of talented artists on the server so feel free to come request some art!

Are you a writer looking to share your work or need help with ideas? we have a whole bunch of creative people that can help! and if you want we can even feature your story in our podcast!

Or if you just want to come say hi! you can talk about anything as long as it fits within are rules!

We welcome anyone, we are happy to add channels for different things! Just ask!

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