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Reboot Time Corporation - Discord Server

Server Description

Hello, very easy to manage bot. The bot is currently controlled only through commands. We will soon finish and will be setting through the site. All commands to configure the bot you will find on the site.

The bot is present, the economy, the moderator team, your server monitoring, the role of the level and many other buns.

Why us? Our pros, we have beautiful design, our profile is fully painted and maintain a system of changing avatars and can put even the GIF.

Well, I will tell a little about the economy of the bot. It consists of 7 bonuses, the bonus can be obtained every 24 hours. You miss 1 day and come back to 1 bonus.

Any questions? come to the server support our experts from 2 time zones and will gladly solve all your questions

The bot also supports English, Ukrainian and Russian versions of the language.

Right now in the terabytes. -English -Ukrainian

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