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Hello and welcome to Fluff Stuff! We're a fluffy family that sticks together no matter what comes. We strive to grow our this family. We're fun and we laugh with each other day in and out! We are a furry friendly server and respect each other no matter who you are, where you come from and etc. Furry or not you are free to join the server as long as everyone respects each other and the server rules. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following is what our server offers: - An active and friendly staff team that always has an ear for you, if you have a problem feel free to tell us! We're here to help you out. - A verification system to keep that keeps unwanted users/accounts out. - An international channel where you can speak in any language you please! - A meme/shitpost channel where you meme gods can share your favorite memes with the others. - Artists channels where you can post your adoptables, or post your own art. Meet many talented artists along the way that you can commission, exchange your advices or experiences with! - Dedicated channels for content creators along with their promo area. - Raffles and hosted events. - And plenty more!