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Aphrodisiac 18+ - Discord Server

Server Description

The Staff team of Aphrodisiac welcomes you to a new up and coming server that has the following: ♤ 200+ Emotes! ♡ 30+ Funny Stickers! ◇ Custom roles for completing certain challenges! ♧ Booster perks! ♤ Nitro giveaways for those who help the growth of the community! ♡ An active SFW side as well as NSFW side! ◇ Staff help and Partners/PMs wanted! ♧ Sleep VCs for those who have trouble sleeping and would like company! ♤ Roles for those who are experienced in technology help/education, those who are experienced in game help/education, as well as those who are experienced in kink help/education! ♡ Free verified selling! (Level 5+ required. It's not too much to ask for activity in exchange for your profit is it?~) ◇ Events suggested by the server members! ♧ Interactive bots such as Lawliet, Pepe, Dyno, Hydra, Mudae, etc. ♤ Automatic SFW and NSFW reddits! ♡ Additional things added as we continue to work towards being an enjoyable community. If you have an idea, don't hesitate to go to <#962232951133843476> and give us your thoughts!
◇ Other neat surprises, how about you come and take a look around?~

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